Bomba Estereo inicia su invasion musical en México

La banda colombiana comenzara una extensa gira por todo el pais a partir del próximo 25 de Marzo con un show en EL Lunario, solo unos dias despues participaran en el cierre del Festival de la Ciudad de México al lado de Tijuana Sound Machine en un evento masivo que se realzara en el Angel de la Independencia.

Para aquellos interesados en publicaciones del extranjero sobre el suceso de la banda en Europa, Japon, y Estados Unidos, aqui comenzaremos a publicar algunos de los articulos mas sobresalientes.

“Bomba Estéreo’s set at the Bowery Ballroom… was kaleidoscopic and danceable.”

“Bomba Estéreo is a funky underground talent revealing a genre-busting, linguistics-defying release with “Blow Up”. The Colombian group rolls out an original mix of electronica, dub, hip-hop, champeta and cumbia… Lead vocalist Liliana Saumet’s sultry style is a hybridization of Nelly Furtado with the precision and attitude of M.I.A.”

“Pardon the cheesy pun, but Bomba Estereo is blowing shit up… After letting the creative juices simmer abroad, 2009 is the year they finally take over the States.”

“Colombia’s Bomba Estereo is Joan Jett & the Blackhearts doing cumbia. Very hot!”

“Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia’s Bomba Estereo delivered an incredibly high octane performance at Central Park, as lead singer Li Saumet danced, kicked and jumped her way around the stage. By the time the group closed their set with their song “Fuego,” Saumet had the crowd excitedly dancing and screaming along.”

“Saumet’s vocals hold everything together, preventing Bomba Estéreo from sounding like yet another combo wanly mixing tropical styles with club beats. She has a forceful, full-throated attack; she can rap with rhythmic ingenuity, nonchalantly juggling American hip-hop, reggaeton, and dancehall, but she can also sing passionately, nailing melodies with impressive pitch control and emotional snap.”

“Absolutely one of the coolest cd’s I’ve heard in a while. Just great. Can’t wait to feature on KCRW…”

“Natural sounds mix with tensely urban ones on the band’s new CD, “Blow Up”… singer Liliana Saumet delivers the songs in a curt style that carries the force of ace rap.”

“Bomba Estereo is responsible for sparking an electro vacilón rising from the ashes of la costa…. Whether you are thirstin’ for a painful rebirth or a smooth escape, listen to their latest track “Fuego” and you will be pleasantly lifted into an alternate state-of-mind.”
-MTV Tr3s

“This Bogotá electronica outfit gives regional sounds like champeta and cumbia equal billing with hip-hop in its songs. Vocalist Li Saumet embodies both the modern and the traditional elements of the group: spitting rhymes like Mala Rodriguez and Zack de la Rocha one minute, singing with the nasal intonation of tropical singers likes of salsero Joe Arroyo the next.”

“The combustible mashup of champeta and bullerengue rhythms from Colombia’s
coast, bass-thumping reggae and cumbia sicodelica is appropriately titled ‘Blow Up.’”


~ by Toffel on March 21, 2010.

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